38mm or 42mm | Which Apple Watch ⌚️ is right for you? | Series 3 Series 2 Series 1 | 4K

Are you having hard time deciding which size to buy? 38mm and 42mm are different besides just the screen size. SUBSCRIBE NOW: …

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  1. I am a woman and I got a 42, and if I could go back, I would have gotten the 38. I'm not petite and either watch would look fine on me. You don't interact with your watch as much as you think, especially with the 3 (or lower) version because you need the phone to make phone calls, etc. I think for SE and 6, you can make phone calls without your phone, you may want a bigger watch screen.

  2. I took the Apple Watch Series 3 I was going for the 38mm but after Watching this video I went with the 42mm even though I have a very very small wrist I am glad i went with the Apple Watch Series 3 42mm Nike + cuz it’s very good with bigger display

  3. Smart review! Most of guys that do this review are: “42 is bigger take bigger! “😁 I personally have very small wrist and even 38 is on border 😇 Thanks for helpful review

  4. I’m leaving a review because reading them helped me decideた I was SO nervous about getting refurbished items but to say the least I’m extremely impressed. The watch is beautiful, not the slightest scratch on it. It did take forever to update but other then that I have no complaints and I highly recommend. I will edit this if I come across any problems with it.l in the future.


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