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Free Dreamweaver CC 2018 Course – Introduction to Responsive Web Design

Free Dreamweaver Tutorial Course.
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This free tutorial course we’ll go over all the basic components of building a basic responsive website in Dreamweaver CC 2018.

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Hi, I’m Dan and in this short-course we’ll quickly go through all the basics to creating a simple responsive website using Dreamweaver CC 2018. We’ll look at responsive web design techniques, as well as making sure you understand exactly what you’re doing. We’ll make the most of the most up to date web techniques, using HTML5 and CSS3 to present the best site possible. We’ll use Media queries to manipulate the sites styling at different widths to give our site responsiveness.

I built this course for the super-newbies. I’ve even got fail-safe exercise files so you can never fall behind. This would be the perfect starting point for anyone that wants to dip their toes into building responsive websites. We’ll make 3 different responsive points, desktop, tablet and mobile.

We’ll start with defining the site in Dreamweaver. I’ll give you a basic starting point of the site to get the ball rolling, then we’ll preview our site and improve the responsiveness.

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  1. Any plans to produce more informative, easy to follow guides for Dreamweaver. Or is Dreamweaver no longer a viable website production tool? This made me feel like it was an amazing tool for production of websites at home, and I would love to take the knowledge learnt in this guide even further & start making websites for friends and business owners as a freelance job.

  2. Thank you for your amazing explanation, easy, step by step, and so clear with examples. I have really learned from you what I was afraid not to understand, and thank you for making your videos free.

  3. Hi, I am enjoying all your courses but this is the first one that i am struggling with. Cannot seem to get the same dialogue and options i am on the most current (cc2020) has it changed that much in 2 years?
    Carry on your great vidz …like a lot of people i have gained so much knowledge from you!

  4. Yeah im the same starting using dw back around 2000…stopped using in 2012….now thanks to you, made the transistion back really easy…cheers bruth.

  5. Excellent instruction!. I wonder if you can introduce database and php in dreamweaver, the same way. That would be awesome!. Thanks a bunch for this one.

  6. Not being a programmer, the new Dreamweaver is a nightmare. Visually and navigation wise I know exactly what I want my site to do…..but building a site through code is a nightmare.

  7. Thanks, Dan. This is a great intro. Your teaching style is excellent, clean and simple. I'm going to checkout your offerings fully and will be recommending you to my associates.

  8. I have tried a few tutorials on Dreamweaver, but found your approach the easiest and most engaging of them all. Thank you for the time taken to produce them for us novices

  9. Mind you I am an absolute rookie on this stuff, but your tutorial dissipated my anxiety and fed my self-confidence. Thank You!!!
    I am so self assured now, that I am daring to ask you something about your video. On it, you mention "if the mobile query does not work for you, load this other index3 file", but you never explained why it did not worked. I say this, because I've followed all your instructions and my code was correct, but it still, the responsiveness did not worked for mobile.
    I've started to develop my own small website, with a different format than a photo portfolio. I have the @media queries working for desktop and tablet, but not for mobile. That query is simply being ignored by Dreamweaver. I've published the website and still, not working. I've researched all around the web and learned a few things, but I haven't been able to fix it.
    Can you please tell me, what could be the reasons (besides wrong code) why you mention just to load a different index file? That might give me some clues. 
    I'm working on a Mac using High Sierra, with the latest Dreamweaver.
    Thank you again for fueling this interest and help me start off. BTW, I'm planning to subscribe to your tutorials, buy currently because of the covid thing, my finances are tight, but I will… 🙂

  10. I have seen several video's on You Tube, but by having no experience at all in webdesign (CU2 when I was a young kid :-)), there was no video that really started at the first step. You video does, and I am so happy! It's my dream to build my own website with software, so thank you so much! I watched the video till 11:22 and all the steps worked! It's great with those excercise files! Have a good day and stay healthy.

  11. can you please tell me the difference if I am building a website with Dreamweaver or WordPress? i build this website with word press i don't know ntn about coding but would love to learn if you can explain the difference thank you

  12. I never comment on videos (yes I know I'm one of them) but I would just like to say I have been dreading getting into this for a while now and this vide instantly removed the pressure. I look forward to designing my own website with some of the skills shown to me today thank you;

  13. Thanks so much! This was great. I haven't used Dreamweaver in over 5 years and I've forgotten a lot. I will be looking for more tutorials from you. You are a great teacher!

  14. Thank you, I like your courses, very easy to understand. There is a question, why my browser can't go smaller than 400px? I am testing your sample files in my Macbook, both Chrome and Safari can't go smaller than 400px.

  15. Thank you so much, been struggling with bootstrap for a while, but this is so much better.

    Thanks again, also for being so patient in the video's 🙂

  16. DO yourself a favor get WYSIWYG Web Builder forget the Dreamweaver crap.
    In 20 years Dreamveaver can't show divs, and I still can't understand why tables was so bad idea that you must design tables without seeing what you do in favor of divs. Crazy.


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