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How to Use Adobe Media Encoder CC

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Today I teach how to use the simple but powerful Adobe Media Encoder. This tool can be used to exchange formats of video to other formats.

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  1. awesome video! thank you 🙂 im converting an mp4 iphone video so it'll have green/purple off of it in after effects. what's the best format to convert mp4 to so i can edit it in after effects? thank you!

  2. Media Encoder is a piece of junk software, the output is very slow, even with hardware encoding. Because there is no need to make such a software for output separately, it is very slow when it is opened, and many things need to be clicked. Unless Media Encoder is more than twice as fast as the output of the AE or PR software, it is necessary, otherwise it is really Software made by idiots is for fools.

  3. I made a video of 2 hours it's size is 45gb I can't upload it. I found that this can compresses the video I just wanted to know that is this true

  4. 0:42 "…every other encoding in the book". Adobe has a very limited library then. They provide such a hilariously small section of common codecs, what a joke

  5. do you know how to make the rendering start again after it has been paused? because when i pause the rendering and try to start it again, it doesn’t work so i would have to start over.

  6. This file requires the HEVC codec, which is available to Creative Cloud members. To upgrade to a paid plan go to: www.adobe.com/go/video

    How to get h.265 HEVC for free???Do you know how to do that?

    I am sorry, but you will need to get an active subscription in order to activate the h265 codecs

  7. So does this make your videos CLEARER or what? I'm not familiar with codecs or anything like that. A lot of the things you were saying (4K footage?) I didn't understand. I know 1080p is supposed to be really clear, but that's about the extent of my knowledge. So what do I click on to make my video the CLEAREST IT CAN GET, WHILE still being streamable with no buffering or stuttering?


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