Why is ARK Addictive?

Alright addicted ARK Survival Evolved kids, follow me on a journey of thought, reflection & advice.

Please do let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this, and/or if it made your reflect. It’s been an idea of mine for a long time that I’ve finally got around to doing.


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  1. So my account had been band off ps4 and ive been putting all my money towards a pc and ark, every day I think about this shit its horrible and im not satisfied until I play. (I have around 3000 to 4000 hours on official)

    Edit: I had smoked weed for nearly a year and coming off that was harder at first but atleast after a couple of weeks your back to normal, ark is a never ending addiction, even if you lose everything.

  2. I have around 1000 hours of ark (playing it for 3 years now)
    Its become kinda an addiction but I have found my way of stopping that
    Im just playing on single player now so I don’t have to worry about my Dinos and tripe

  3. This video totally hits home lol. Ark became my most played game I was definitely addicted. I was even lucky enough to run a server that became popular (unfortunately the drama kinda killed my enjoyment) so I then became a solo only guy who just played hide and seek and hid bases on busy servers. There was nothing more thrilling than surviving in arks lethal but incredible world. I haven't played for over a year but after seeing this video and hearing about the ps5 patch coming… Its tempting to return 👍


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